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Crunchy Rice Puffs (Ikan Bilis)

Classic & craveable

Get hooked on this simple mix of familiar favorites. Savory ikan bilis paired with golden brown garlic crisps for that extra oomph - we matchmade 2 basic nibblies we can’t get enough of, and somehow they worked out.


Ingredients: Puffed rice (100% brown rice), whitebait, garlic chips, ikan bilis seasoning mix, garlic oil, shallot oil, scallions, sugar, charcoal oil*

Contain soy products, fish products and milk derivatives

May contain traces of eggs, crustaceans, mollusc, sesame, peanuts and tree nuts

*Oil naturally infused with smoky flavors. A teeny-weeny bit was added to give you that familiar wok hei fragrance.

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Crunchy Rice Puffs (Mala)

shiok MA? confirm shiok LA!

Rice puffs + the best topping in mala - go PEANUTS for this tongue numbing spice concoction designed to blow your mind. Warning: This flavour is not for the weak. Some level of sinus decongestion (think wasabi) to be expected.  

Ingredients: Puffed rice (100% brown rice), peanuts, mushroom seasoning mix, mala seasoning mix, mala oil, dried chili flakes.


May contain traces of eggs, crustaceans, molluscs, sesame, cereal containing gluten, fish, milk and tree nuts. 

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